1. When do the children eat?

It is usually best to keep food and present unwrapping for the end of the entertainment while eating birthday cake or before your entertainer arrives. During the show it is essential that Children need their whole attention on their entertainer which includes clapping, cheering and playing games, not standing at a table of food eating fairy bread and chips.

2. What age range are your parties for?

Children grow up so quickly and therefore need age appropriate parties. Generally children aged four to seven years have themed princess fairy parties which include action games, competitions and lots of running around to keep them entertained. Three year old birthday parties with a fairy princess theme focus more on music, refining motor skills and basic games. Your Sydney Fairy Princess comes with a specially designed program to keep the younger children entertained.

3. Do you have public liability insurance?

Absolutely! No less than $20,000,000

4. How many children can I have at the party?

Sydney Fairy Parties are priced for up to 20 children. An absolute MAX is 25. The more children after 20 the less likely our Sydney fairy party ladies will be able to stay in control. We don’t want that and you certainly don’t want that. The type of show is an active show. Any more than 20 children and you will need to have a second fairy at $165 plus travel.

5. My child is shy and may not wish to help on stage – is this a problem?

All of Sydney Fairy Princess Parties entertainers are qualified school teachers and know how to talk carefully to children who need soft encouragement.

6. We have boys at the party. Will they enjoy the show?

Almost every show that our entertainers perform at has a mixture of boys and girls. Most children invite their class. We make sure that the boys enjoy the show as much as the girls by having mixed boy and girl games such as “Tug-Of-War” and “Rescue” and racing games. As you can see from the photos on this site the boys have a great time!

7. When do we bring out the cake?

Birthday cake always tends to work well at the end of the program. Usually your entertainer will finish the show with gathering all of the children together to sing an extra special Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl while allowing time for lots of photos to be taken to remember the special day. This timing takes the attention off the entertainer leaving and allows the children some time to eat before they say goodbye.

8. When should the entertainer arrive?

If you are having your entertainer for 1 hour it is best to have your host appear at your themed fairy party 30 mins after the birthday party starts to make sure that everyone has turned up and are ready to play fun filled fairy princess party games. If you are choosing the 1.5 hour option, your Sydney Fairy Princess will be there to meet the boys and girls as they arrive.

9. What do we need to provide for the entertainer?

Apart from the party food and the birthday cake there not much else required! Access to a power point or available extension cord is always helpful, however all of our entertainers PA systems come with their batteries fully charged ready for any location.

A  cleared space inside or out is best so that games and activities can run smoothly. The children need to hear that one entertainer clearly. If your entertainer finds they are getting “drowned out” by the crowd of guests please help by asking your guests to talk a little lower or move into a area away from the entertainment. Children will lose interest if they cannot hear their entertainer.